College Prep Success could literally be staring you in the face…DAILY
Are you looking for free college?

Do you..…

• Want a map that guides you through all the steps, so you never miss out on any chances?
• Want the right information about testing, transcripts and how to make your child stand out from the crowd?

The College Prep Genius Roadmap—which you can put on your fridge or post on your wall—shows you:

• When to put the effort in
• How much effort you need, and
• How to find your best opportunities…

…so, you can multiply your chances at the scholarship dollars.

And believe me when I tell you I have helped many thousands of people over the past 15 years, secure not just reduced price or free college, but all the trimmings including cash to spend, room and board and more.

But more than that, my students enjoy something better…a life beyond college WITHOUT THE DEBT.

So, what is the CPG Roadmap?

It’s a blueprint, with ALL the milestones for any student to increase their chances from as young as 9. No matter where you get in on the game, whether…

• You have a motivated student in the 4th grade
• Or perhaps you’re a student that has only discovered College Prep Genius in your last years of high school
• Or you’re somewhere in between (in middle school)…school) …
…this map will help you motor your way to success.

Remember, it doesn’t matter where you start, it just matters that you do.

Your Roadmap …

• Is a useful tool you’ll display in full view so you can prime your mind for success.
• It’s a hard copy brochure that folds out to stick on your fridge.
• Move your ‘car’ to your place on the board and simply follow the directions. Sticking to your plan and following the steps is your vehicle to success.
• All the graphics are clearly explained on the right-hand side key.

But that’s not all. On the back of the map is a handy guide that compares the tests head-to-head and a 3-tier high school plan to help you create a compelling transcript.

So, what are you waiting for? The sooner you start, the more scholarship money you can receive!

Order your Roadmap today! Only $14.95 (includes car magnets plus free shipping)

Put your student’s name in car the window for easy remembrance in case you have more than one student gearing up for College Prep success.

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