[NEW 2024] Master the SAT/PSAT Virtual Boot Camp: 8wk | Summer Session 2: July 11 through August 29, 2024

Class ID: B-071124-04

Dates: Every Thursday Beginning July 11 through August 29, 2024
Time: Thursdays 10:00am to 11:30am CST
Michele Damron

Included in class?

• The College Prep Genius Class teaches strategies and tips to ace the SAT and PSAT that have helped tens of thousands of students raise their test scores by hundreds of points.  The program has also helped many students prepare for LSAT, AP, and GRE tests.

• 12 hours of course instruction divided into a 3-day format (4 hours for each or 8-week class). This award-winning and premier prep program introduces a unique approach to standardized test-taking for all sections of the SAT and PSAT: Reading and Writing, Language passages, and a Math section. (Bonus SAT essay included.)

Student Dashboard includes Homework Guide, Journal for Success, My Motivation Test, must-know math terms, roots, prefixes and suffixes, webinar library, etc.

College Prep Genius Workbook hard copy for each paid student and sibling with free priority shipping.

College Prep Genius Workbook

Students and parents must agree and adhere to our Live Virtual Boot Camp Policy

Required for class?

• A high-speed internet connection is a MUST.
• Books needed during class (included in course w/free shipping).