SAT Vocab Prep- Complete Vocabcafe Series Special (Hard Copies)


Vocabcafé Book Series: Easily improve vocabulary with fun and wholesome narrative stories. Each novella contains 300 SAT level vocabulary words placed in context with the definition at the bottom of the page for reference and reinforcement. (They can be used as a literature credit or creative writing credit by having students take the words that learned at the end of the chapter and write them back into their own sentence, paragraph or story.)

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Prankster Maleck and is mischievous roommate commandeer a ship and crash land on a mysterious island. Finding their way home is a quest to stop a planetary-wide rebellion, overthrow a dictator and save a young princess.


The 1856 wild west era brings survival, devastating loss and a struggle to withstand the elements. For the Watkins, a fresh start awaits them as they head back east to St. Peters.


Super-nerd Nick Franklin’s desire to become a lawyer and spend his extra time studying is interrupted when his ordinary holiday takes a turn as he finds a small fortune. It is a thought-provoking tale of chance, romance, mystery and sacrifice.


Three teens set out to create the greatest independent film of all time, but as the glitz and glamour start to beguile them, true friendship is tested. A story that exams ambition, fame, loyalty and forgiveness.


The new girl at school simply wants to navigate through high school as quietly as possible, but a mysterious note would draw her into a journey of cold nights, shadowy figures and even a threat to national security. It becomes a quest to discover self-reliance, personal strength and the value of friendship.


A star tennis player gets tangled up in a chat-room plan that goes awry and finds himself in a dangerous game of life and death with a serial killer. A non-stop, action packed adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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