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  • 1 Year Subscription to Online E-Course Program Access (discount at renewal)
  • New College Prep Genius Workbook PDF Download
  • College Prep Genius eReader Textbook
  • Complete Homework Guide and Checklist for Success

Product Description

College Prep Genius – SAT Prep Course

Hosted by author Jean Burk, the course covers all three sections of the new SAT & PSAT/NMSQT and is a thorough review of the College Prep Genius curriculum. This edition of the “Master the SAT Class” breaks this revolutionary curriculum into 12 easy lessons.

This SAT Prep Course program takes students step by step through each section of the SAT [Reading, Math, Writing and Language and the Essay,] and gives them a plan for success for each question type.

Easy-to-use format
12 straight forward online lessons
Complete Homework Guide
Checklist for Success
Motivation test

Bonus material included:  
Appendixes of must know math terms
Latin roots, and prefixes and suffixes
Journal for success


“Ace the SAT” eCourse:
Learn to ace the New SAT and PSAT/NMSQT by discovering they are logic tests and don’t measure IQ but rather a student’s critical thinking skills. Answer every question in 30 seconds or less and learn to beat the test by recognizing the recurring patterns that point you to the answer. The eCourse covers the Reading, Math, Reading, Writing and Language and The Essay on the redesigned SAT and PSAT.

How to cut your Reading time in half by learning the five main question types in all the passages and how to put them in the correct order. Skip up to 70% of the passages. Discover the four recurring tricks hidden in the answer choices and eliminate them first. Avoid the most common mistake people make on the Dual Reading Passage section. Learn how not to be fooled by certain questions. Find out which words in the answer choices are paramount to circle. Know the secret to analyzing the charts in the passage.

Discover how to rarely use the calculator and not do long calculations. Solve math problems in 30 seconds or less. How to eliminate 2-3 answers right off the bat. The hidden math pattern that screams “this is the answer”! Learn how wrong answers point you to right answer. Know why the order of the answers is so important. Understand what to do with unknown variables. Memorize three easy geometry rhymes to help you remember formulas. Realize the fastest way to answer a fraction question and how to dismantle a scary problem. Learn to see the math and NOT do the math!

The cool pattern that appears up to 75% of the time. Understand why the writing section is more important than ever and can no longer be ignored. Learn the 3 types of questions: What is being tested on a question with a prompt question and answers are varied; What is being tested without a prompt question and answers are similar; What is being tested with a question that doesn’t have a prompt and the answers are varied.

Why to write the essay even though it is optional. How to write a great essay in 30 minutes (50- minute time frame) Have at least 50% written before the test. Find out what are the essay judges are looking for. Why the question topic doesn’t matter. Learn the biggest key to an amazing essay. Avoid making the timing mistake to avoid. How to make the best use of all the lines provided and what is the perfect length of the essay since judges spend around 30 seconds grading it.

College Prep Genius
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College Prep Genius Workbook
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Journal For Success
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