23 Inside Secrets About College Entrance Exam Tests


• Shocking! Who really wrote the redesigned SAT?
Guess what? It wasn’t the SAT writers.

• Raising your ACT score one more point could result in 20K more dollars!
Why knowing about score conversion that pays off big time!

• Secret chances to take the ACT that aren’t listed on their website
Knowing this, students will have more opportunities and quicker score results.

• Confidential disclosure of why it costs 6 figures to create one SAT, and how I found out (HINT: It had to do with a lawsuit in Texas)
This will make it clear why the SAT follows the same patterns on every test -which makes it

• What colleges really think about the SAT vs. ACT
Forget what you heard- regions have nothing to do with which colleges take which test.

• Which colleges require the SAT/ACT essay
Get a comprehensive list, but learn why you should ALWAYS write the essay!

• You can discover the predicted PSAT cut-off score for your state
Gain access to this list. Every state is different, and knowing your score will help you plan better or move.

• An alternative college entrance test that can be a game-changer
This test is taking the college world by storm. (P.S. They partnered with College Prep Genius as the only test prep company they recommend.)

• 3 dirty little secrets that many test prep companies use to trick you
Learn how you can spend thousands of dollars but your score will drop.

• Why the 2 Big “K”s (Khan and Kaplan) really partnered with the SAT and ACT companies
Hint-it wasn’t the goodness of their heart.

• and much more…

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It is money well spent if you ask me. With 33 pages this book is an easy read. But don’t let that fact stop you from purchasing it. This gem of an eBook packs a big punch and gives you all of the inside secrets into the SAT and ACT exams! It’s the little things that no one necessarily told you about that you need to know before you and your high school students embark on standardized testing… I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about testing the SAT and ACT but the tips within the eBook definitely gave us an edge in planning and prepping…I think everyone should have a copy of this eBook if your child is starting the testing process.
Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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