23 Inside Secrets About College Entrance Exam Tests


• Shocking! Identified! Who really wrote the redesigned SAT?
Guess what? It wasn’t the SAT writers.

• Raising your ACT score one more point could result in 20K more dollars!
Why knowing about score conversion that pay off big time!

• Discover the secret chances to take the ACT that isn’t on their website.
Knowing this, students will have more opportunities and quicker score results.

• Confidential disclosure of why it costs 6 figures to create one SAT and how I found out. (HINT: it had to do with a lawsuit in Texas)
This will make it clear why the SAT follows the same patterns on every test -which makes it

• Distinguish what colleges really think about the SAT vs. ACT.
Forget what you heard- regions have nothing to do with which colleges take which test.

• Learn which colleges require the SAT/ACT essay.
Get a comprehensive list but learn why your student should ALWAYS write the essay!

• Gain access to a list with the predicted PSAT cut-off score for your state.
Every state is different and knowing your score will help you plan better or move.

• Realize an alternative college entrance test that can be a game-changer.
This test is taking the college world by storm. PS. They partnered with College Prep Genius as
the only test prep company they recommend.

• Revealed: 3 dirty-little secrets that many test prep companies use to trick you.
Learn how you can spend thousands of dollars and your student’s score will drop.

• Understand why the 2 Big “K”s (Khan and Kaplan) really partnered with the SAT and ACT companies.
Hint-it wasn’t the goodness of their heart.

• and much more…

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